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Re: Q Loves Picard?

Your points actually make me wish Q was in a Star Trek movie all over again, because it would have been refreshing to see the crew pitted against someone who was less a traditional antagonist and more just an ambiguous character who challenges and tests them intriguingly.

As for the uncertainty of Picard's condition, I guess we've interpreted it differently. From the futile attempts of Crusher to revive him at the beginning of the episode (before the screen is consumed by white light and most of the episode takes place in the past), I was absolutely certain that Crusher had definitively tried and failed to save his life. Her saying he was "injured" came across to me as her simply being unaware of the fact that Q, rather than any of her efforts, is the reason Picard has recovered.

We've seen before that Q's seemingly infinite powers can easily blind others to what's going on around them, so it's conceivable that he could have influenced her memory and perception to not realize just how critical Picard's condition was. Like I said, though, it's open to different interpretations.
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