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Q Loves Picard?

I know many of us have always thought of Q as a villain and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" clearly set him up to be a recurring villain right from the first episode, but after watching "Tapestry" again, I'm not sure what to make of him anymore. I've watched this episode more times than I can remember, but this was the first time it occurred to me that maybe Q loves Picard. Think about it. Picard died in this episode. There was no way around that. There wasn't some sci-fi contrivance that simply made us and/or the other characters think he might be dead, only to explain that he never really was at the end (something that was done in other episodes). He was physically dead, with a nasty, nasty burn on his chest, beyond hope of resuscitation by human tools of medicine and technology. If not for Q, there would be no plausible way to restore him from death in that episode.

Despite all of Q's mockery of humans and all the pain Q makes Picard endure in this episode, the bottom line seems to be that Q brings him back from the dead out of affection. Making this realization inspired me to look back on Q's history and as I did, I thought to myself, maybe Q never really was a villain in the first place. The only time I can recall him doing something seriously cruel and villainous was when he allowed the Borg to kill several members of the crew and refused to undo the damage the Borg had caused. He did apparently consider killing Amanda Rogers too, but I don't think he really would have gone through with it. In most other appearances, he didn't do much beyond taunting and/or irritating the crew.

Most importantly, he saved Picard's life. He may have threatened to strand Picard in a miserable existence, but in the end, all he accomplished was save Picard's life and help the man appreciate life and himself more. Doesn't that sound more like something a friend could do? I've been saying for years that I think Q should have been the villain of the tenth film. Now I'm not so sure anymore. Does anyone think he could have still been a villain in a Star Trek movie, or did "Tapestry" squash that possibility? I know he was back to his more spiteful, humanity-mocking ways in "All Good Things..." (which I'm about to watch tonight), but after I watch it again, I doubt it will be enough to change my new perception of Q as a friend to Picard above all else.
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