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Re: A Theoretical Physics Question

FWIW, "multi-vector attack mode" is the most probable future of real-world combat, at least in air combat. No, the aircraft probably won't launch in a physically attached gaggle (although variants of that have also been suggested), but they'll operate in formations where one crewed fightercraft commands a couple of non-crewed fighters that probably are at least the same size as the crewed unit, and carry the same category of engines and armaments.

That's solely because the rich warfighting nations don't want to lose live people. Robots may be more expensive to create and operate than people, but only in dollars, not in political capital.

The Federation might also look beyond credits and other penalties and use the MVAM because uncrewed starships are the future of warfare. It seems quite clear that the Prometheus components were to be flown uncrewed, because we saw one bridge for four people, and Starfleet only had four people who could fly the ship; nobody left for piloting the attack units!

Timo Saloniemi
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