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Do the novels have any impact in the games, or at least ME2?
Yes and no. Yes the events in the books "happen" in the continuity of the games and some repercussions did creep into the games. For example, if you'll recall when you first encounter Tali in ME2 the other Quarians *really*don't like Cerberus and when you ask, Tali mentions an incident involving Cerberus going after a young human biotic girl hiding in the Migrant Fleet. That incident is the central plot to the novel 'Ascension'. You might also recall in ME1 Anderson had some prior history with Saren where he was almost the first human Spectre. That story is told 'Revelation'

While on the other hand, no, nothing in the books (aside from a few possible errors) can contradict anything you can do in the games. For example, although Shepard is mentioned a few time, the Commander's first name, gender or appearance is never mentioned.

Mostly though, they're separate but connected stories. One taking place decades prior, another between ME1 & 2 and another just after ME2. The main constant is that Anderson is prominently featured though not exactly the protagonist of all three.

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