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Re: How is Janeway sexy?

Elegance in overalls is still elegance?

if she was all that, then surely she would have had more suitors trying to woo her?

In the case of Tom she dismissed him "It's more likely that I raped you than that you raped me, but thank you for trying to make me feel pretty."

Now kashak and she were just lying to each other.

Mark was just some one to look after her dog.

That leader guy from Prime Factors? Tried to bed him through his stomach, but she waited too long and it all went to hell.

Then there's the dad from Charmed in workforce who was some sort of hermaphrodite so it's unknown what sort of mating rituals and taboos he practised or the two of them didn't need approval from a doctor before they interlocked genitals... It was a decent relationship but as soon as her real personality surfaced, she pushed him out of the picture.

And of course there was Neelix who didn't feel as if he was worthy enough to mention howscrummy she was in almost every way... But after all that lamb no wonder he had some taste for mutton.

Mulgrew maybe be pretty, but Janeway is just an old lady in overalls who seems absolutely complacent without a man propping her up... Though I could swear she was licking her lips when she asked Amelia to fly away with her.

Voyager was never a sexy show about sex.

Even after Jeri.
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