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Re: November Challenge--"Serenity Prayer", A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

Okay, I confess, I logged on hoping that I'd missed a chapter. No such luck...

By the way, if there are any of the officially published Trek authors out there reading this: PLEASE, someone, make it official that Dr. Simon Tarses refers to Ezri as Skip.

Commander Bowers would HATE it. I think it would be fun to watch Sam get all bent outta shape about the fact that 1st officer or not, no one has Ezri's ear on the Aventine quite the way Simon does.

I've been hoping that some character would emerge on Aventine as a friendly sort of foil Bowers. I nominate Simon.

Whoa! Wait a second... Okay, now I feel a little silly as I realize that I took the bait and followed through into the full Spcok/Kirk/Bobes triad before I even realized it.

Sam/Ezri/Simon. I like it.

It's always the best and well-written stories that inspire the reader's mind to race beyond even what the writer has given.

Thanks again.
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