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You mean this thing? It's based on Sovereign's weapon. You know, the one that cut Alliance cruisers in half like they were made of paper?
Big ship destroy small ship: Sure it has the power.
Small ship destroy big ship: Now that's special.

If Fire power wasn't a factor then the only use for the Geth is Canon Fodder but clearly Sovereign couldn't handle the offensive requirements for destroying a whole fleet. His armament was at least limited in number. But there was no rapid fire from Sovereign. It's likely he wasn't a true offensive weapon at all. Perhaps he merely had Offensive weaponry.
Are you being intentionally dense or something? I really can't tell. The codex entry explicitly says that the gun is a scaled *down* version of the one Sovereign had. Meaning it's *less* powerful than the original Reaper version. Just because Sovereign didn't happen to have any bigger ships around to destroy is neither here nor there.

As for the Turians spotting it's approach; it's a bit hard to miss anything that size when it's in visual when it went ramming through half the fleet.

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Sovereign has a bias against organic life, it's trying to kill us, so why should I trust it to tell the truth about us?
While I understand the argument from an objective standpoint, I get the feeling that being a big, ancient and neigh incomprehensible as Reapers are above that kind of self delusion. I see it as being somewhat akin to the opposing Vorlon and Shadow ideologies from B5. Neither is "wrong" or even biased, it's just a point of view that they've set on. Likewise the Reapers have concluded that their way of harvesting and "ascending" suitable races is the best way to perpetuate themselves. The fact that they've lasted so long means they're correct...though of course being correct doesn't mean they're nice about it.

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