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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

I was afraid the name would be something like that. And my Oralians say, "May they freeze in the eternal tundra of absolute zero, knowing neither beginning nor end of their torment, only pain beyond the end of the universe!" (That is one of the worst curses they have available.)

As for th'Arshar, boy I'd like to show him the "works" of Section 31. Morphogenic virus, anybody? Good on Gul Brenok for controlling himself, though. Especially since in this context, discussing a horrible Cardassian atrocity, it really seems like th'Arshar was rubbing salt in the wound.

About what they're going to be fed seem to have thought that through very well. People who have been starved do need to be gradually reaccustomed to normal food. If you look at relief work in famines, this is absolutely the case.

As for Zabar...I feel bad for her, having been spied on and used that way. She really does seem like such a sweet woman.
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