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Asari biotics are not developed independent of exposure to element zero. That's impossible in the Mass Effect setting. It's more likely that Thessia, the asari homeworld, has element zero in its planetary makeup (in addition to the standard stuff like iron, nickel, etc.), exposing all life on Thessia--including the asari--to element zero and thus giving them biotic abilities. That means asari probably even have a little element zero in their own bodies, similar to how humans have iron in theirs.
Even though the focus seems to be element zero, manipulation of dark energy is the ability that is natural to the asari.

It doesn't discount your theory...but there maybe more than one way to reach that ability to manipulate dark energy than just element zero exposure.
If the asari were able to manipulate dark energy through a manner differently than how humans, turians, krogan, etc., do it, then it would have been mentioned in the Codex somewhere. Until we hear otherwise, the only way possible for an organic species to actively manipulate dark energy is through physical exposure to element zero. There is zero evidence for the asari being able to use biotics in any other way.
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