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Re: Jon Favreau exits IRON MAN 3

I'm a bit disappointed that he couldn't stick it out for another movie, but y'know sometimes that's what it takes for the studio to go "hmm maaaaaaybe we shouldn't have pushed too hard." Although, as much as I loved the Fav's directed Iron Man movies, I wouldn't mind seeing the 3rd one be a bit more action oriented. I'm not talking Micheal Bay like action, but I would like to see more of Iron Man in action and fighting actual super villans, even if they are just one off'ers. Hell, I'd love to see the Beetle or Jack Frost aka Blizzard or even an appearance by some 'side' characters, like Madam Masque or the Controller - hell I'd just like to see him fight some guys with more powers or even some random goons, show him be a hero more often than once a movie.

Granted Avengers will be the big team piece, but I'd still like to see Iron Man actually fight some lower level baddies before he encounters the Mandarin.
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