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Asari biotics are not developed independent of exposure to element zero. That's impossible in the Mass Effect setting. It's more likely that Thessia, the asari homeworld, has element zero in its planetary makeup (in addition to the standard stuff like iron, nickel, etc.), exposing all life on Thessia--including the asari--to element zero and thus giving them biotic abilities. That means asari probably even have a little element zero in their own bodies, similar to how humans have iron in theirs.
Even though the focus seems to be element zero, manipulation of dark energy is the ability that is natural to the asari.

It doesn't discount your theory...but there maybe more than one way to reach that ability to manipulate dark energy than just element zero exposure.

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Exactly! That's my point. Sovereign can claim that the Reapers are god-like and that organic life is an accident as much as it wants, but if it doesn't provide evidence for it's claims then why would you believe it?
You miss my point. My fault perhaps. We knew even back then that there was no such thing as a pure race. That was a philosophy not a truth. We knew it as a false statement. We don't know if Sovereign's assertion are false, there is no common frame of reference from which to make that conclusion indirectly. What is needed is the direct opposition of fact and or self contradiction.

However, the point was that you believe Sovereign is telling the truth and I believe it is not. Without evidence to support either of our positions, you can't claim that your position is more valid than my position, and vice versa. At least, that was the way things used to be, ME2 has now provided some evidence that the Reapers have their origins in organic life, which suggests that Sovereign wasn't telling the whole truth in ME1.
That's not exactly accurate. I don't believe anything concerning the veracity of Sovereign's statements. As an objective observer I merely can't make the assertion that he is lying without cause. In other words I can't slander him. A judge can't baselessly decide who's telling the truth or whose lying. Testimony is treated as strongly as evidence but it can be overturned by evidence. It may present evidence in a different light or perspective. But evidence can definitely overrule testimony outright (if it's the right evidence)

1-On the one had we have witnesses (The Council) who say that the Sovereign Reaper was mere Geth tech. ME2. Further the debris field itself (of Sovereign) before the entire Fleet is reasonable proof of no biological components.

2-The second Reaper discovered by politically independent sources (Cerberus Research) discover no biological components. ME2

3-On the other hand Sovereign claims flesh is inferior decays an dies but they are eternal.

4-Shepard and EDI Identitfy (method unknown) that the Skeleton Machine is a Reaper and liquefied remains of humans are being used to fill it. (purpose unknown)

Sources 1-3 are consistent with one another.
Source 4 Contradicts sources 1-3

The evidence of both Reaper ships supports Sovereign's testimony that organic flesh is inferior and temporary. Source 4 is an exceedingly large plot hole in ME2 whether or not it's resolved in ME3.
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