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Or you can call into question the character of the witness and expose any biases they may have.
That's true.
Yet it's not equivalent to testimony. It's discrediting the witness and it often doesn't lead to reasonable doubt in favor of convictions.

Okay, I'm about to Godwin the thread, but here goes:

If an alien arrived on Earth in 1944, with almost no understanding of human societies, and found themselves in a Nazi concentration camp where they were told that they had to be killed for the purity of the German race, should that alien accept the testimony of the Nazis as being the objective truth?
1-Nazi Germany would have the considerable burden of proving their race was pure to being with.

2-The only way one could threaten the perceived purity is to mate with a German. Which the mere act of existing does not quantify in of it's self.

Since these assertions are false the testimony is not only discredited but countered by reason and logic.

They certainly could be, but I don't remember any suggestion or evidence in ME1 that pointed to an extra-dimensional origin for the Reapers. And if they do come from outside our universe, what use would our technology be to them?
I do not know.
There is not enough information to make a more accurate speculation.

No, belief is when you trust a person or an idea with no evidence backing it up. Not trusting someone because they don't have any supporting evidence is not belief.
I'm afraid belief describes a state of mind that is irrelevant to having evidence or not, according to the definition. Any cognitive content held as true. You're speaking of a philosophy.

Reverend wrote: View Post
But they weren't using flesh, they were using a paste of raw genetic material. Essentially, genetic material is just the organic way of carrying information. So with that in mind, it seams far more likely that they were after the information contained in human DNA and as much of it as possible.
I'm not sure of the difference between using flesh and using genetic material you're trying to make but I've seen some BIOWARE information that says these human form reapers are indeed the heart of real Reapers and that every Reaper has reaped species inside.

That means there is a fundamental change between Sovereign and the other Reapers. Even the Second Reaper found at the edge of the Gas Giant under the study of Cerberus didn't reveal anything organic.

I hope for the sake of the story that you're right that their extracting information as absurd as that is. (So many better ways to do it) Because there is no way to keep that genetic material viable for 50,000 years let alone Billions of years.

Really? A ship that large creeping around and nobody spotted it on sensors until they actually saw the thing land on Eden Prime? I'd call that pretty damn stealthy. As for a cloaking system; that's a bit of a straw man argument as the only one we know about is the one used by infiltrators (i.e. people) not ships.
I'm sure it's "stealth" as far as being discreet but the Turian Fleet had no problems tracking it's approach to the Citadel.
And no it's not a Strawman to exemplify a technology which combat forces have shown to use which the Sovereign/Saren form did not use while yet using many other forms of tech.

You mean this thing? It's based on Sovereign's weapon. You know, the one that cut Alliance cruisers in half like they were made of paper?
Big ship destroy small ship: Sure it has the power.
Small ship destroy big ship: Now that's special.

If Fire power wasn't a factor then the only use for the Geth is Canon Fodder but clearly Sovereign couldn't handle the offensive requirements for destroying a whole fleet. His armament was at least limited in number. But there was no rapid fire from Sovereign. It's likely he wasn't a true offensive weapon at all. Perhaps he merely had Offensive weaponry.

As for having "Asari abilities"; for one thing, biotic abilities are the result of a body exposed to element zero and have little nodules of the stuff throughout it's nervous system. What it basically mean is the body becomes a mass effect field generator, like the ones that power shields, fire projectiles and propel ships. So yes, Reapers DO have "Asari abilities."
According to the wiki, biotics of other races are produced by exposure to element zero. The Asari biotics have a natural ability independent of element zero to manipulate dark energy. This is done by eezo nodules and while technology might be able to create the same effects on ships we mostly haven't seen it but technology certainly hasn't produced the same effects on a human level without that element zero exposure. (not that we've seen)

For instance the Heretic Geth had no such ability
Yet the Collectors did.

They seemed to have drawn a strict line between biology and technology.
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