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Re: Jon Favreau exits IRON MAN 3

I find people like Favreau and Whedon greatly interesting as creators - what they do is not quite like what other people do (and not much like one another). I'll tolerate quality that varies from great to "meh" if my experience is that I'm likely to be surprised or moved or get a real laugh out of someone's work; there is no shortage of reliably pedestrian directors and writers after all. Most of Hollywood is like some kind of mid-range supermarket wine - it'll do the job every time but who wants to drink all that much of it?

OTOH, I don't give a fuck what the future of any "franchise" is (with the possible sentimental exception of Star Trek, of course). If Marvel or DC is determined to churn out acceptable, profitable and bland action movies they can both sink into the sea for all I care and drown their spiders and bats with them.
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