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Re: Jon Favreau exits IRON MAN 3

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Far as I'm concerned, his name's in the credits, he's partially to blame. The script's the backbone of a film.
You don't really know how the film business works, do you?
If people were required to know how the film business works before commenting, the internet would be a barren wasteland...
Okay, enough!

Listen to me carefully:

The ending was not the only problem. The whole damn movie was the problem, and if Joss Whedon was apologetic about it it was only because he was sorry he didn't have total control over it, the better to reward his slavering fans with yet another JW joint, which would have been Serenity with Aliens, the prospect of which was hinted at in Resurrection and makes my skin crawl, and if the studio "interfered" it only served to save us from the full force of Whedon's moronic, half-assed ideas about science fiction.

I don't care if he hated the movie, I don't care that others have absolved him of responsibility for it, I would rather subject myself to Twilight/True Blood marathon than watch any superhero movie that Whedon has total control over.
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