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Alias just ticked me off badly!!! (Season 3)

Ok.. for some reason I am finally getting around to watching Alias as I never watched it before. What a great show even if I can't stand Sydeny Bristow with a passion!! Now I just got through season three and they most certainly killed off my favorite character Lauren and it looks like Sark isn't going to be back either as i imagine he can only get loose so many times even though I would prefer he get loose again.

I was SOOOOOO hoping for a much longer chase for Lauren that spilled over into season four and they killed her off. She was AMAZING in her role as the evil spy wife. Not only is she sexier than Sydney in both looks and with that amazing accent she's more likable than Sydney to me even as a villian!!!

I find Sydney to be annoying as all hell and grew to REALLY dislike her even more this season. Once she and Vaughn kissed WELL BEFORE they had a clue about who she was I despised them both with a passion as there are few people in life I despise more than cheaters. I liked Lauren even more after that and was really rooting for a long time of her making life hell for Vaugn and Sydney. BIG TIME missed opportunity there IMHO.
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