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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

“What about that black cloud around the vessel?” Jeto asked.

“We have investigated that. It appears to be a benign side effect of drifting and a few encounters with asteroids and other smaller celestial bodies. The vessel’s hull is charged and draws specific particles to it.”

“Any danger to us or the people on that ship?” Brenok asked.

“No,” Ya’val firmly shook his head.

“Are there any more questions?” Brenok looked around the faces of gathered officers. No one said anything, a few shook their heads. “Does everyone know what they are supposed to do?” Nods. “Dismissed then. And get to work.” He glanced at th’Arshar, wondering if the captain wouldn’t want to complain that he ‘orders’ also the Federation people, but the Andorian simply rose from his chair and looked at his officers, clearly waiting for everyone to leave first and then to follow them.

The wardroom emptied—only Zamarran stayed as he wished to talk to Brenok—but th’Arshar was still there. He stood by his chair, looking at Brenok who was still sitting in his seat, reading something from a padd.

“Are you going there now?” the Andorian asked. “To Bantal, I mean.”

“Yes,” Brenok confirmed not raising his head. He tapped at the padd and then looked at the captain. “This is Bantal’s profile,” he said, lifting the padd a little to indicate it was the object he spoke of. “I love Cardassia, I really do, but sometimes...sometimes I really hate it.”

Zamarran glanced at th’Arshar, wondering if it would shock him. Zamarran himself was not surprised, he sometimes felt the same. He knew Brenok meant the Cardassia before the Shift, but he suspected that the Andorian didn’t.

Th’Arshar sat back in his seat. He opened his mouth but closed it without saying anything. Zamarran didn’t read Bantal’s biography but he was sure that it was this document that had triggered Brenok’s frustration.

“Gul Brenok, even the Federation isn’t always as crystal clean as we want to believe.”

Zamarran’s eyes flared. Did he say even?

Brenok’s head jerked. “‘Even’? What do you mean by ‘even’? Is the Federation some kind of morality model that everyone should follow, better than everyone else, even though still not perfect?”

“From my point of view, yes, it is.”

Brenok stared at th’Arshar and then rose and headed for the door without a word. Zamarran rose too. “The guards will escort you to the transporter chamber,” he said to th’Arshar and then followed his gul.

“Are we going to Bantal, sir?” He asked after catching up with Brenok.

“Yes, we are. I’d like you to be there too.”

“Naturally, sir.” He wouldn’t have it any other way and would even dare to argue with his gul if Brenok wouldn’t want the glinn to accompany him.

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