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Re: Jon Favreau exits IRON MAN 3

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If people were required to know how the film business works before commenting, the internet would be a barren wasteland...
Actually, it would be a place where truly knowing something, instead of going off on half-cocked info, would be valued as a plus and as a sign of intelligence instead of being stupid. I've seen this in politics as well; the Canadian left-wing website Rabble is one example.

Rabble would be great if it could dial down the anti-American, anti-police invective seen at its BBS. But instead, all I see when I go there (and I may truly stop doing so this year) is the same thing repeated, ad infinitum, and ad nauseaum. It isn't any better than what goes on at a right-wing site, and it's just as worse. I've seen people at websites devoted to home video act like bratty little children because their favorite old TV show isn't on DVD yet, or because some portion of an old show on DVD could't have it's music-which repeats (like most shows of the 1950's and 1960's) itself over and over (The Fugitive Soundtrack Debacle).

NONE of this behavior helps the Internet any, and just makes it look like a den of unintelligent people who constantly play The Telephone Game with regards to how the entertainment industry functions (this was also commented in the famous 2004 article
Clueless Morons by Lee Goldberg.) 'Before you mouth off on something, you should know something' should be the mantra everybody goes by, off and online.

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