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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

Everybody wanted Deb to find out this season, so now that she hasn't, the season is the worst ever?
Nice to know am already spoken for...

I would of loved her to find out but am not too bothered because thats a final story type plot device and Dexter is not quite over yet. I love the curtain bit because its a clear foreshadowing of future events, Deb will find out eventually and I can wait a little longer.

Next season I was thinking what sort of villian they could have and I was wondering what about a cop killer? a serial killer who targets cops only. Deb finding out Dexter secret against such a villian might soften the blow especially if Dexter is forced to save her like in season 1 but this time with the price being not the death of his brother but his secret dark passenger being revealed to Deb.
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