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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

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I got the impression (admittedly based on a single line) that Debra might know. At the party she told Dexter he must be happy that this is all over. I can't figure out what else she could be referring to.
I think she was just referring to losing Rita, & then the family falling apart. Hell, it appeared as though Dex was so lost, that he was taking Jordan Chase's advice at seminars

Let's face it, for the completely clueless, Dexter is a rather pitiable person, & it appears all the other characters are being kept clueless,

Except Quinn. As I see it, Quinn has pretty well figured out that Dex killed Liddy. Where this goes, will decide how I feel about this season. If it gets dropped, then I believe this season to be entertaining, but a bit of a washout

If they develop this, then it could very well be the beginning of the conclusion we're looking at, in this season. It's only 12 episodes in a season. It stands to reason, that the kind of building that will lead to the conclusion, will span over more than one season

I honestly can't see it being feasible for Quinn to live happily ever after with Deb, & not continue to get wrapped up in this. Killing Liddy really shines a bad light on Dex. He may not have been a model cop, but he was a cop. Lots of risky business, & mistakes by Dex this season, & an ever growing need to be accepted. It ought to spell catastrophe, because it's impairing his predatory instincts, & his training
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