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But that's humanism. Just because he doesn't share the importance of human centric thinking doesn't mean he's being dishonest.
It doesn't mean it's being honest either, and considering that it's trying to kill my entire species because it "demands it" I have no reason to trust it at all.

Evolution doesn't know how evolution works. This is theory. We're talking about machines that according to the story would know. There really no sense in taking this into an evolution vs creation is there?
I'm not planning to, unless you want to defend the supposed merits of creationism. My point was that any idiot can abuse reality to support their philosophy, it happens in the real world all the time, so why should I trust Sovereign when it could be doing exactly the same thing?

You can't just accept what Sovereign says at face value, it is a villain, they're not well known for telling the truth.

If you believe in the Big Bang which apparently even if they did it had no effect on them. That's why I called them "God Machines."
Except the Reapers would have been infinitely bigger than the universe itself. Not to mention that the Reapers, like all physical objects, are composed of atoms, and atoms didn't exist at the beginning of the universe.

Of course, it is possible that the consciousness of the Reapers existed from the beginning and that their ships are just physical constructs that came later, but that goes into a realm of science that I'm not willing to delve into without hallucinogens on hand.

That's an awful analogy! You can't possibly think this is a proper response to the primary contradiction?
I do, but only because I disregard the notion that the Reapers are gods or eternal. I just consider them to be a different form of life, albeit a very condescending one. (Which is actually the same way I'd view any so-called gods that ending up being real.)

I'm just going by what was said and nothing else, dude. Always existed and claim to always will.
I walked past a guy in town a couple of weeks ago that claimed I was going to burn for eternity in a fiery pit. Doesn't mean he's right. I'm almost certain that he's not.

We weren't told that they were wrong... Shepard never questions the evidence. He never fought them on the as far as the story is concerned there is no problem with the councils verdict.
No, it just means that Shepard knows it's pointless to confront the Council once they've made their mind up about something. If Shepard being proved right continually in the first game isn't enough to convince the Council, what hope would he have now? It doesn't mean that there's no evidence that the Reapers are real, just that the Council are going to deny it for as long as they can get away with it.

It's as though the only difference is a point of view. But you explanation doesn't even answer why the human council is just as ignorant of the evidence...
I think it's perfectly explained by Udina in ME1 when he sided with the Council in grounding the Normandy so as not to risk the influence humanity had gained. Even if Anderson is chosen to join the Council, one man cannot overcome the bureaucracy inherent in the system.

I understand you guys like this game but I'm really shocked how you're willing to just close your eyes and ears here to these plot problems as though pointing out these logistical problems are going to spoil your'on at least if you're going to attempt to explain it lets not ignore the Human council has no reason to distrust Shepard.
There are problems with ME2, I'm perfectly willing to admit that. The narrative structure wasn't as good as in the first game, it was a little absurd how each character had a personal errand they wanted you to go on, the human Reaper looked silly... but overall, I felt it was a better game. I don't see the contradictions you mention as I do not believe they exist, at least not in the way you explain them.
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