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You're taking an insane, genocidal machine on its word.
But that's humanism. Just because he doesn't share the importance of human centric thinking doesn't mean he's being dishonest.

If you were to ask a creationist to describe the evolutionary process then they would likely use words like "mutation" and "accident" too because they're either ignorant about how the process actually works, or they willingly distort the truth to support their preferred philosophy. The Reapers are the same, they have a philosophy that drives them to do whatever it is they're doing, and they're willing to distort the truth of how organic life actually works to excuse their evil agenda.
Evolution doesn't know how evolution works. This is theory. We're talking about machines that according to the story would know. There really no sense in taking this into an evolution vs creation is there?

Well, unless you think that a fleet of giant machines flew out of the singularity that existed "before" the big bang, they're not eternal. If they formed naturally over the billions of years that followed... well, so did we, just by a different method. They could be eternal if they originate from outside our universe, but there's no evidence to suggest that.
If you believe in the Big Bang which apparently even if they did it had no effect on them. That's why I called them "God Machines."

Most humans consider our species to be special somehow and that animals animals are inferior, but most of us eat meat. Hell, even vegetarians have no qualms with eating plants, and there's not many people that are going to tell you we're inferior to a head of lettuce.
That's an awful analogy! You can't possibly think this is a proper response to the primary contradiction?

And once again, the Reapers aren't gods, they're just machines with a god complex. The only beings that worship them are a group of Geth that were infected with a rounding error.
I'm just going by what was said and nothing else, dude. Always existed and claim to always will.

The three main council races have a vested interest in pretending that the Reapers aren't real; to stop the rise of humanity. They fear us, especially the Turians, and they don't want us gaining more influence by leading a crusade against the ultimate enemy. Whether the Council believes their own lies or not remains to be seen.
We weren't told that they were wrong... Shepard never questions the evidence. He never fought them on the as far as the story is concerned there is no problem with the councils verdict.

It's as though the only difference is a point of view. But you explanation doesn't even answer why the human council is just as ignorant of the evidence...

I understand you guys like this game but I'm really shocked how you're willing to just close your eyes and ears here to these plot problems as though pointing out these logistical problems are going to spoil your'on at least if you're going to attempt to explain it lets not ignore the Human council has no reason to distrust Shepard.
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