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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

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Really, all that was accomplished this season was for Dexter to realize it's theoretically possible for someone to accept him for who he is (but didn't he already know that, or did he think Harry was some huge, unrepeatable exception)?
Point of order: Harry killed himself shortly after he actually saw Dexter kill someone, so Harry doesn't really count as someone who completely accepted him.
After years of training him to be a killer, which is more accepting than Lumen, who kicked him to the curb the minute his usefulness was over. Cuz, when you think about it, that was exactly what she did: she obviously never loved him if she never once stopped to think, "I should stick with this guy and help him get better."

I know a lot of you (I can't do it personally, my imagination is lame), sit around and think up how shows are going to end episodes or years in advance, and when it actually comes time for season finales, there's something awesome built up in your head that makes anything that airs seem lame.
Yeah I'm constantly thinking up better stuff for shows than the writers of the shows deliver. Makes it almost impossible to enjoy watching anything (and in general, I don't watch much because of just that reason.) Dexter was one of the few exceptions and I can't afford to lose one of the few shows I can enjoy!

Everybody wanted Deb to find out this season, so now that she hasn't, the season is the worst ever?
I was willing to overlook a certain amount of lameness thinking that it was in service of a long-term plot development like Deb Finds Out that would make it worthwhile. Instead, we got nothing. And in retrospect, why did Rita die? That had no good purpose either. I keep thinking "the writers are going interesting places with this" and then it turns out they don't go anyplace interesting at all! Feh!
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