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Yeah, a link to the VGA trailer was already posted.

As for the "contradictions," again, you're seeing "contradictions" in a story that isn't even finished yet.
That's fine.
But the contradictions still exist. If the Third Game bridges those contradictions later...that's fine but for now they are still directly opposed concepts.

You must know that because while you put the bunny ears on the word contradiction you didn't explain how Hanukkah Solo's information can possibly be resolved since we know Sovereign had no BIOLOGY in it according to the Council that identified it as truly Geth to support their incredulity.

There are many problems between ME1 and 2 that start with the story attempting to explain why the Council didn't believe the Reapers existed that I suspect will never be resolved.

1. They said Sovereign was all Geth Tech but the Geth but in ME2 a Reaper is partly biological.

2.They say Vigil lacked the power to activate but they can power other prothean devices such as at the Prothean Ruins Liara was found at.

3. Why wasn't the conversation recorded with Vigil such as Tali did in ME1 with a tech tool?

4. Sovereign being a Geth doesn't explain how he used the Relay Monument to bypass Citadel defenses, nor how he had direct control of the Citadel even though the Station personnel could not. The Geth had never been on the Citadel. How could they known about the Monument?

5. What about the mind control Indoctrination that Krahae's Men were subjected to? There were survivors, the doctor and Salarian Shepard let go (if you did it) That wasn't a Geth Technology. There were bodies..evidence to this...the Matriarch and others...

It's hard to believe with all this evidence both the Human Council and the Alien Council dismissed the attack on the Citadel as Geth. They should be able to verify that the Citadel is nothing more than Massive mass relay two years later. I think if you're looking for an explanation for all this in the third game, you'll be disappointed. ME2 was simple in constructed...a shooter but it wasn't the well designed story line of ME1. And it seems unlikely they can pull it all together in a seamless single construct that makes sense for the end game.

They had that opportunity in the Downloadable content.
I think the only way to look at the saga now after the second game is like how we look at much of trek. Inharmonious but a good product nonetheless.
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