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The concept behind the human Reaper is that it was just the core of what would be a new, full-sized Reaper with a normal Reaper shell. Concept art has already proven this. They weren't going to have a giant metal human flying around like Superman.
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Agreed. It's not contradictory, it's just not going in the direction some people expected/wanted it to go.

Personally, I still think they're just preserving worthy species and exterminating the rest, and using whatever technology the galaxy had developed to maintain their own functionality during the long 50,000 year gaps between harvests. Maybe they started out doing this for a specific reason, but have since forgotten in the millions of years since the cycle first began.
That's great you guys agree with each other. But that doesn't explain the contradiction of GOD machines that have always existed that view the organic as inferior and yet need organic material to exist.

IF that was true they would have found that in Sovereign, but they didn't and said it was merely Geth Tech. Are we watching the same game and reading the same quotes because I'm seeing full contradictions across the board. (or close to it)

Just saw the ME3 preview....
"Is it normal for your balls to catch on fire while watching this?" I know mine did...
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