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Re: Jon Favreau exits IRON MAN 3

Starbreaker wrote: View Post
It's too bad big studios don't care about critical acclaim anymore.
Who says they don't? It's not so much not caring about critical acclaim as it is higher-ups at Marvel having a particular vision for their shared film universe. Anyone who isn't on board with that is either going to quit or be shown the door.

The problem with getting talented, big-name actors and directors is that they want to have a lot more say in the final product, and that will inevitably bring them into conflict with the aims of the studio. Norton being let go from the Hulk franchise sounded very much like this: he was heavily involved behind the scenes and apparently made some enemies at Marvel, which sealed his fate.

Like it or not, it's a business, and like any business there's plenty of politics and power plays to go around.

"Critical acclaim" is one of those things that's nice to have but hardly something you can predictably insert into a film. I'm sure Marvel would love to get that from all its movies but they no doubt care a hell of a lot more about what kind of box office they get.
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