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Re: SMALLVILLE Winter Hiatus Thread *Spoilers!*

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Most of the members of this "team" barely have interacted with each other on screen. It feels more like a loosely affiliated conglomerate or franchise of heroes than an actual team.
Yeah, but I forgive that as a budgetary and logistical limitation. Not only do a number of the actors have other obligations limiting their opportunities to appear, but the show's budget is so slashed this season that they're down to only four regulars. So I give them credit for the likelihood that they would show the team interacting more if they could, and I'm grateful for the efforts they do make to acknowledge the larger community.

I would like to see Dr Hamilton betray the heroes by showing that he is working for the VRA and has bought into their propaganda. It would fit with his other incarnations. In the comics Hamilton became the Super-villain Ruin. Also in JLU he it was revealed he was working for Cadmus.
Yeah, but for another Alessandro Juliani character to turn traitor would be a little repetitive. (Then again, they did put Michael Hogan in an eyepatch....)
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