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Re: November Challenge--"Serenity Prayer", A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

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Thank you--very much!

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I kept meaning to add how I liked the kind of captain and doctor dynamic we never saw outside of Kirk-McCoy and Pike-Boyce. We saw that to a lesser extent with Picard-Pulaski while Picard-Crusher was kind of a "will they or won't they?" teaser. I began to ask myself if the captain-doctor dynamic in my fanon would be the chick version of Kirk and McCoy, but it's more like the Janeway and Seven of Nine mother-daughter dynamic.
Thanks, mate!

Yep--ever since my earlier tale, I found myself unable to resist making Simon and Ezri dear friends, along the lines of Kirk-McCoy, with some Pike-Boyce thrown in for good measure.

And again...I was unable to resist Simon having an affectionate nickname for Ezri. "Skip", BTW, is just as much shorthand for "Skipper", or Captain, as it is a reference to Ezri's enthusiastic, "young-at-heart" personality....
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