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Re: Doctor Who Adventure Calendar 2010

Hopefully Chris is enjoying sunny Orlando! To help us keep up, here are the Adventure Calendar bits for the last few days.

Unfortunately, for some reason I am unable to get the link feature to work, so I'll have to be a bit messy about it:

December 11th

What it is: Trailer for A Christmas Carol

Available for non-UK fans? No. (As I haven't seen it reposted all over the place, I'm assuming it's probably the standard trailer.)


December 12th

What it is: The Christmas Questions: The Adventure Games Edition. Text Q&As with Nicholas Briggs, Barnaby Edwards and Phil Ford.

Available for non-UK fans? Yes.


December 13th

What it is:
Katherine Jenkins Christmas Questions. Text Q&A with the co-star of A Christmas Carol, plus a new publicity photo of the singer-turned-actress.

Available for non-UK fans? Yes.

December 14th

What it is:
Shadows of the Vashta Nerada - First Look. Slideshow of images from the fourth Adventure Games release, plus downloadable wallpaper and screensavers for PC and Mac.

Available for non-UK fans? Yes. (The screensaver can be downloaded, too, but I haven't tried installing it.)

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