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Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh
Organic life is nothing but a genetic mutation. An Accident.
This doesn't mean that all organic life is unintentional, merely that the Reapers view themselves as special and they don't feel that organic life is special. It's pretty much the exact same crap you'll hear a creationist say in a poor attempt to discredit evolution, and they say it for the same reason that the Reapers do; they don't want to view themselves as being the same as what they consider to be lower forms of life.
We are eternal. The pinnacle of evolution and existence.
Which is a contradiction itself as you cannot be eternal and evolve.

Sovereign/Nazara is grandstanding, it views itself as superior to us, but that doesn't mean that it actually is and it certainly doesn't mean that we should believe it. It had an agenda, its agenda at that time was to kill us, what possible reason do we have to trust it?

My theory before ME2 was that they used their technology to motivate our technology and they REAP that tech and add it to they're own harvesting our knowledge once we reach our zenith.
I thought that the Reapers drove our technological advancement in a certain direction and any adjustments we make to their tech is relatively minor. I always considered the galaxy in ME to be in a state of technological stagnation, which is how humanity caught up with the other races in a relatively small time-frame. The Asari should be almost 3,000 years ahead of humans technologically, but instead they appear to be barely more advanced at all.
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