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Re: Full story for Bryan Singer's planned SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel reve

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It worked for Begins because that was two different characters. But here it's just one character who turns out to be Brainiac. For people who don't know Brainiac such a reveal is meaningless.
Keep in mind that the vast majority of the audience for a superhero film will consist of people who don't read the comics or watch the cartoons.
That is why I was saying a reveal wouldn't work.

Plenty of people who saw Batman Begins had never heard of Ra's al Ghul before, but the reveal still worked for them, because Ra's was established and defined as a character early in the film.
Exactly and also because it was publicised that Ken Watanabe was Ra's and Neeson would be Batman's trainer Ducard. So Ra's is advertised as being in the film. The twist worked because it was two actors playing two different characters and what works with the audience was that the beginning of the movie established Neeson in a more heroic light than Ra's so seeing him come back at the end as the actual villain was a surprise to all.

Having this Krypto guy ordering people about in the world already sets him up as an obsticle to Superman whether or not he becomes Brainiac.

What would work better is having Superman's son being Brainiac all along.
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