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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

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Sloppy writing this season and I rolled my eyes at the car crash deus ex machina(was I supposed to be impressed?)to get Dexter into Jordan's clutches. This show USED TO BE better than that and besides, anybody watching Dexter is beyond the hick yokel type that is going to exclaim, "Oooooo lookit that Tullulah-Belle - they done made a VEE-HICK-EL go WHAMMO!!!!"
Deus ex machina? You need to look up the definition of that term. We saw the digger that Dexter ran into when Jordan was headed into the camp, and Jordan knew he would be in a hurry, so I thought it was fairly obviously implied that Jordan moved it into a place where it would be hard to spot until it was too late.

Overall, however, the episode was definitely a letdown, and I can't help but feel that the show will be seriously spinning its wheels next year. I think they're going to need to seriously shake things up early on if they want to keep it compelling.

That said, overall season 5 is still stronger than season 3.
Holy fuck if I went on a rave every time some ignoramus posted "could of", "had of" or "I liked it better THEN...." or, the worst offender "I could care less..." that's ALL I'd be doing on the damned boards!!! I post ONE inappropriate use of a latin term and some pedant calls me on it!

Yeah, yeah I know what a deus ex machina is. I was just trying to find the nearest term.....I guess what I really meant was "convenient plot device".
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