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I'm sure they Reapers could actuallly travel back....but that would take alot of time. I don't get the human Reaper it doesn't make sense for machines with a God complex to wish to be born in the form of both humans and macines or what makes humans so special.
I got a little theory on this, the Reapers are OLD as we know and I don't care how advance they are...they have to feel the effects of that age. I wonder if at the end of every cycle or certain cycles they need to create themselves literally new bodies or ships to us. There essential machines but they must have some sort of biological parts too them and maybe they just pick the strongest species to them or the one easiest to create there next generatinon of bodies/ships.

It might explain why Earth is one of the first targets.

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I wanna touch back on my little theory that the human reaper is what will be there next form as they use species from their cycles to renew themselves into new bodies...I was listening to what Harbinger said at the end of Mass Effect 2...

Your species will be raised to a new existence

We Are The Harbinger Of Your Perfection

You will surrender your potential against the growing void

We will bring your species into harmony with our own

We are the beginning you are the end
Seems pretty clear to me we are going to be used as the next evolution of the reaper, which makes ME2 ending a lot better IMO.
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My personal suspicion is that saving the base will (among other things) lead to that "all hail our human overlords" ending I predicted earlier. The other things probably being having a human dominated council, supporting Terra Firma and basically doing anything pro-human.
Even better. Cerberus would rule the galaxy, and if there's anything I know about the Illusive Man it's that he made a great President in The West Wing. The galaxy would be thankful to have him in charge instead of Quark, the bland Asari and Mr Airquotes.

Actually, they're dead in that playthrough, that pimp from Requiem For a Dream is running things. He's still better than Mr Airquotes though.

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I don't get the human Reaper it doesn't make sense for machines with a God complex to wish to be born in the form of both humans and macines or what makes humans so special.
As far as I can tell, the Reapers are kind of like the Borg but with a very exclusive membership process. They were turning humans into a Reaper because it's like their assimilation process, which is why the Reaper fleet could be seen to have multiple types of ships. The Reapers may view themselves as gods of a sort, but that doesn't mean they see us as being entirely beneath them, they're actually looking for species that are worthy for the process of ascension. The galactic extinction cycle is their form of procreation.

At least, that's what I think they're up to.
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We don't know that reapers all pure machine, they must of had some organic origins.

"Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh"
"Organic life is nothing but a genetic mutation. An Accident. You lives are measured in years and decades, you wither and die"
"We are eternal. The pinnacle of evolution and existence. You are nothing."
Sovereign calls the Mass Relays the Legacy of his "Kind"

Kaiden say" They're harvesting us allowing us to advance to the level that they need and then wiping us out" Don't ask me how he came to that conclusion.

Sovereign: "We are each a nation. Independent, free of all weakness. We have no beginning and no end. We are infinte."

That's the big contradiction.
No begnning and no end. Everything Biological has a begnning and an end...if the limits of biological life spans are what make us inferrior then what do you need with Human Juicer?

My theory before ME2 was that they used their technology to motivate our technology and they REAP that tech and add it to they're own harvesting our knowledge once we reach our zenith.

But this Human blender thing just doesn't fit in at all. It seems just a horror story plot device. Earth is endanger and now we have to stop them.

It maybe that the Human Reaper Idea was only a Collector addition and it had nothing to do with actual Reapers. The Reapers like messing around with DNA well perhaps this was supposed to aide the development of the Collectors. Perhaps that's how the Collectors were created.
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