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My personal suspicion is that saving the base will (among other things) lead to that "all hail our human overlords" ending I predicted earlier. The other things probably being having a human dominated council, supporting Terra Firma and basically doing anything pro-human.
Even better. Cerberus would rule the galaxy, and if there's anything I know about the Illusive Man it's that he made a great President in The West Wing. The galaxy would be thankful to have him in charge instead of Quark, the bland Asari and Mr Airquotes.

Actually, they're dead in that playthrough, that pimp from Requiem For a Dream is running things. He's still better than Mr Airquotes though.

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Now given the impending ME3, I'm strategizing some playthoughs that I will do (ME1 and ME2) to have things in all different directions for ME3 when it comes out.
I plan to have 4 by the time ME3 comes out. The first one was a combination of decisions I would have made mixed with what I thought made the best story, the second one is the complete opposite of the first one, the third one is a full paragon and the final one will be a full renegade. Once I'm finished ME3 and know all the outcomes I intend to do a fifth one where I make the decisions that lead to the best outcome, and a sixth one where I make all the worst decisions. That last one should be fun.

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I don't get the human Reaper it doesn't make sense for machines with a God complex to wish to be born in the form of both humans and macines or what makes humans so special.
As far as I can tell, the Reapers are kind of like the Borg but with a very exclusive membership process. They were turning humans into a Reaper because it's like their assimilation process, which is why the Reaper fleet could be seen to have multiple types of ships. The Reapers may view themselves as gods of a sort, but that doesn't mean they see us as being entirely beneath them, they're actually looking for species that are worthy for the process of ascension. The galactic extinction cycle is their form of procreation.

At least, that's what I think they're up to.

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It better come out in 2014. I really want them to take their time on it.
Why? ME2 came out 26 months after ME1, while ME3 is likely to come out 22 months after ME2. The cycle is 4 months shorter this time, but that's because ME2 overhauled the combat system (which ME3 will only need to tweak now) and the story for ME3 was being worked on while ME2 was still in development.

I don't want the game to be rushed out before it's ready, but Bioware has grown to be very big so if they think that they can handle ME3 in slightly less time than it took to make ME2, I trust them.
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