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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

Huge let-down for me. Many others have stated the same problems I had - a few too many contrivances, the Dex/Deb copout, Lumen leaving, and everyone gets off way too easily in the end. The whole Dexter universe is starting to seem a little too convenient.

Other things that bugged me were:
- Deb driving up to the camp - possibly an incredibly dangerous situation - completely alone, without calling for any backup before going in. She's not that stupid.
- Deb getting credit for "solving the Barrel Girls case" - she didn't.
- Jonny Lee Miller hamming it up waaaaay too much. Distracting. Too bad, as everyone else (especially Jennifer Carpenter) gave great performances this week.

Overall, I'd say it wasn't a great season. Good ideas, let down by the writing and trying to do too much. We had 6-7 episodes of Santa Muerte and developing Officer Manzon's character (who I liked a lot, actually) that ended up serving no purpose except to get Deb into the file room for 2 scenes, and then Manzon is never mentioned again. We had the World's Best Nanny, aka an easy way to get Harrison out of town so Lumen could move in. I haven't seen season 3 since it aired, but I recall the writing being much tighter even if it wasn't the most exciting season.

I hope the show steps outside the box a bit more for Season 6 and starts taking some risks again.
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