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Re: Full story for Bryan Singer's planned SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel reve

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That's not what I meant. Is Superman seriously not going to intervene as this guy interferes in a war? That seems remarkably uncharacteristic.
Depends on the nature of the intervention. If he's stopping the fighting without killing anyone, I don't see why Superman would object. Remember, in the Donnerverse (or Donneresque Singerverse), Superman was bound by Jor-El's "Prime Directive" not to interfere in human destiny. So he might be reluctant to interfere in anything that isn't endangering lives, especially if it's actually preventing death.

I suppose that's possible - but the treatment says "lays waste to the armies", not "lays waste to the armies' equipment."
No, the treatment doesn't say that, because this isn't the treatment. What you've been quoting is an IESB article summarizing the treatment. You can't assume that the IESB reporters' word choices accurately represent what was in the actual treatment they're describing.

And even it were the verbatim text of the treatment, it's still just a treatment, a rough proposal in which nothing is carved in stone. It should be taken as read that every single word or concept is subject to change. So to dwell on specific word choices in a treatment, let alone a secondhand article describing a treatment, is misguided.

I wasn't criticizing the idea of talking out a problem - I was expressing incredulity that after what Braniac has done, anyone would consider just a stern talking to an appropriate response.
Huh? My comment was in response to your statement that hunger and disease couldn't be solved by lifting heavy objects. I was saying that there's precedent for the Kryptonian power set including hyperintelligence which would enable solving such problems.

War and oppression are not ended by someone stronger coming along and killing governmental leaders - or did you miss the war in Iraq that we've been fighting the last 9 years?
I'm not saying they are. I wasn't making any such generalized point. I was simply responding to the one specific topic under discussion at that point -- namely, the question you posed of how Brainiac proposed to cure famine and disease. I was pointing out that, IF war and oppression were eliminated -- a purely hypothetical premise for the sake of argument -- a reduction in famine and disease would logically follow. Therefore, Brainiac's claim of being able to eliminate famine and disease tends to follow from his claim of being able to eliminate war. I was offering no opinion on whether that claim was valid in practice.

My issue is, the story appears to be hinging on the highly unrealistic idea that all the world needs is brute force and a big computer to solve everything. That's patently ridiculous and a poor premise for a story - even something as fantastical as a Superman story.
No, the story hinged on the idea that Brainiac could convince the world that he was capable of solving all its problems. It only says he promises to end famine and disease; it never says he actually fulfills those promises. If you don't think it's realistic that someone could convince the public to believe in a patently ridiculous premise, then you must have missed the entire Bush administration.

And I think that is very kindly speculation on your part. This treatment has a barely even cursory explanation for the villain's motives.
No, the Internet article summarizing the treatment has a barely cursory explanation. We don't know how detailed the actual treatment was. And it's a given that a treatment lacks detail that is developed in the scriptwriting process.
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