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Re: Full story for Bryan Singer's planned SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel reve

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Early big action sequence - in which Supes does what? Stands by and watches?
Does the hero have to be in every scene? A lot of stuff happened in The Dark Knight without Batman being involved.
That's not what I meant. Is Superman seriously not going to intervene as this guy interferes in a war? That seems remarkably uncharacteristic.

"Krypto buddy lays waste to two armies" - that's a lot of people dead.
Unless he does it superhero-style and just "lays waste" to their weapons, tanks, missiles, etc. without harming the people.
I suppose that's possible - but the treatment says "lays waste to the armies", not "lays waste to the armies' equipment."

In the Silver Age comics, Superman wasn't just superstrong but superintelligent as well. I recall an imaginary story where Superman was dying and dedicated his last days to devising solutions to the world's major problems (most likely this was an inspiration for All-Star Superman).
I wasn't criticizing the idea of talking out a problem - I was expressing incredulity that after what Braniac has done, anyone would consider just a stern talking to an appropriate response.

A lot of the famine and disease in the world are the result of warlords and dictators preventing food and medical supplies from reaching populations they don't like, or the result of wars destroying infrastructure and depleting national treasuries. If war and oppression were ended, then a reduction in famine and disease would be a logical consequence.
War and oppression are not ended by someone stronger coming along and killing governmental leaders - or did you miss the war in Iraq that we've been fighting the last 9 years? War and oppression are not ended until a functional government is in place with an infrastructure that can see to the distribution of food and medical supplies. As I said, I know a comic book story often glosses such finer points - but I would have a problem with any movie that suggested war, oppression, hunger and disease were ended in a short period of time by a single powerful person imposing their will on the world. That is beyond my suspension of disbelief.

As for finding cures for incurable diseases, well, this is Brainiac whether he admits it or not, so it stands to reason that he would have the intelligence to achieve that and would be able to demonstrate as much to the world.

Hmm... a lot of the characters in this movie work for a newspaper... you don't suppose there's any way a movie could use the reporting of the news as a means of providing exposition, do you?
See my last point. I was asking how was the movie going to explain the more complicated aspects of fixing the world's problems in a short amount of time? Is he going to personally manufacture enough AIDs medicine to take care of everyone in Africa? Is he going to personally change the behavior of all the people who don't use condoms for cultural reasons to prevent further spread of the infection? How exactly would he do that?

My issue is, the story appears to be hinging on the highly unrealistic idea that all the world needs is brute force and a big computer to solve everything. That's patently ridiculous and a poor premise for a story - even something as fantastical as a Superman story.

Here's my biggest problem. Braniac perfects worlds - and then destroys them. And why does he destroy them? Because that's what eeevvvvilllll villains do?
I think the key may be the phrase "taking their technology." It sounds to me like the perfection he offers is the bait for the trap -- he lures them in by making it look like he's helping make their lives better, but it's to disguise the fact that he's stealing from them. Kinda like V.
And I think that is very kindly speculation on your part. This treatment has a barely even cursory explanation for the villain's motives.

Well, it's a secondhand account of a rough premise for a story that never got out of the early development phase. Working out the bugs in a story outline is just what the development process is for. I'm sure plenty of the greatest movies had initial proposals that were about as cursory and problem-filled as this. You don't judge an oak by its acorn.
You do when it's placed on an internet bulletin board. Isn't giving our opinion of the treatment the point of the thread?
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