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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

Wow - it seems pretty unanimous that this season pretty much stunk!

And did I miss something(attention span is not up to snuff these days and I only watch tv now in the corner of my monitor while doing other stuff - not enough time in my day and most shows do not deserve my full attention)but why did LaGuerta congratulate Deb on solving the barrel girl deaths when there was no body at the kill site? Didn't Dex and Lumen(HATE that name btw)get rid of Chase's body and cut it up? As far the Miami PD know, SOMEONE was killed at the camp and presumeably the vigilante(s) is/are still on the run.

Sloppy writing this season and I rolled my eyes at the car crash deus ex machina(was I supposed to be impressed?)to get Dexter into Jordan's clutches. This show USED TO BE better than that and besides, anybody watching Dexter is beyond the hick yokel type that is going to exclaim, "Oooooo lookit that Tullulah-Belle - they done made a VEE-HICK-EL go WHAMMO!!!!"


Just let Deb find out ALREADY!!!
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