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Yeah, I remember Shepard making that leap onto the Normandy at the end of ME2 and just holding my breath. I knew that I made mostly right calls during the mission, but knowing there there was a possibility Shepard would die made me nervous right up until the moment the ship "warped" away.
On that scene I was basically shouting at my TV ordering him to make that jump
I was far more concerned about my two squad members. For a second I thought Tali was going over the edge. That would have meant a replay for me since there was no way I was going to have a save file for ME3 where one of the most interesting characters in the entire franchise was dead already.
Same for me, with her and Garrus I was basically shouting "Don't you dare die on me, Tali! Don't you fucking dare die!" and then the same for Garrus. I had already lost 3 or 4 people by that point (can't remember when Zaeed died in that playthrough), one of them being loyal, so I wasn't sure at that point what criteria would result in losing them 2.
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