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Re: SMALLVILLE Winter Hiatus Thread *Spoilers!*

Smallville “Collateral” & Early 2011 Episodes Promo

[edit] This seems to have some fans going crazy...

The Great Smallville Song Mystery
There was a simply awesome song at the end of this week's Smallville. (Episode: Icarus) If you want to skip ahead, check out the link at the bottom for the song. (Beware of SPOILERS)

And frankly, no has a damn clue who sings the song.
No joke, there has been NOTHING turned up. Some people have said it's a Sean Harkness song, except that guy only does crappy instrumentals (no offense), or that it's a song by Anberlin, or Calla. But we've got nothing.

We've even had people bust out their song identifying apps and turned up no results.

So it's entirely possible that it's a sample from a yet to be released song.

But I'm not giving up. I have got to know what song this is.

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