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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

That was more of a character piece finale, something we have never really gotten before in the show. I loved the scene with the curtain seperating Deb and Dexter it was a wonderful metaphor of things to come and I love the twist that Quinn knows not Deb. I wonder if Quinn realises that Dexter was behind Chase and his friends dissapering and that he only seems to go after bad people and that Dexter is not just sort crazy serial killer.

I know we all want it but with the show possibly getting a 7th season after the 6th next year, it would change formula too much to let her know now. Deb finding out is going to be Dexter's downfall and the end of the show.

Overall the 5th season was a good season of TV though probably the 2nd weakest Dexter has produced but it was still VERY GOOD

September 2011 hurry up.
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