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Re: December Challenge - Heritage

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Heck, I bet you he went in there knowing he was setting up his brother to die, and then started to regret it after the act was done.
If after reading the whole story you look at the first line again--you see that he knew his brother was in danger. He tried to save him. He tried to make Tris go with him, he knew the others were after Tris.
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But total nonresponse when these people DO have modern technology and must know some about how the world works...I just can't accept that.
You must remember the glinn is blind to some things. What he says (and maybe even believes) doesn't have to be the truth. That's how totalitarian propaganda works: they tell you half-truths, lies and completely omit some information that could contradict their half-truths and lies.

Zori "conveniently" forgot that he (and a huge part of the military) has been involved in relief efforts for longer than 1 year. It's just that the last year brought some noticeable change we go with the propaganda again. It's very easy to say "Look, they tried for years, but we finally have it done" about projects that take years to bring fruit.
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