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Re: December Challenge - Heritage

"Buried, forgotten, and unimportant."

And that's the mindset that begins to adopt betrayal of everything beautiful as a wonderful, honorable value. It's also the mindset of a bigot, which is VERY ironic considering that the way he tells it, he's fighting AGAINST bigots. The enemy isn't Oralians--it's intolerance--and he's already lost his battle.

Heck, I bet you he went in there knowing he was setting up his brother to die, and then started to regret it after the act was done.

Honestly, though...I don't think that the Oralians would've been THAT uncaring about the crisis. I can see extremists making the comments you describe because I have heard such things (and they infuriate me every time). But I don't think that they would simply not bother to even TRY to organize relief, and just not give a damn at all. A badly-organized response, or one where some people are corrupt...that I can see. But total nonresponse when these people DO have modern technology and must know some about how the world works...I just can't accept that.
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