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The Collector Base won't play any significant role in the end. If it were key to defeating the Reapers, we wouldn't have been able to destroy it. Same goes for the rachni queen. We'll be able to beat the Reapers without either, because BioWare's going to want to make it possible for people who have only played ME3 to defeat the Reapers.
Possibly though I read that stuff from ME 1 choices will play a role in the game and the 2 endings of both previous games will play a crucial part. Bioware will obviously set up ME 3 for total failure as one of the choices ...

One reason why I love Mass Effect is because unlike most games you know the ending is going to be the villian being defeated 99.9% of the time...ME 3 could go so many ways its a little unsettling I could actually fail after years of playing the franchise
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