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What we do know from the first game is that Nazara apparantly had no choice but to make a direct run on the Citadel AND have Saren flip the switch on the tower in order to take control of the network and open the relay to dark space. So however they've made it back, unless they've taken the Citadel already then the relays should still be open.
Remember when the ME2 teaser trailer was released? Most people thought that Shepard wasn't really dead, that he had just gone into hiding. Some people thought that he really was dead and we'd play a new character in ME3. Some people even thought that Shepard transferred his personality into a Geth somehow. The idea that Shepard actually died and would be brought back to life by Martin Sheen wasn't the most popular one around, but that's what ended up happening.

We can't tell much from a teaser trailer, all we know is that at some point in the game the Reapers will attack Earth. That might be at the very start of the game, and Earth might be the first step of their invasion, or they could have taken control of the Citadel before moving on to Earth. All they'd need to do is get 1 ship into the galaxy and activate the Citadel relay, the Citadel would fall instantly, and then their fleet would move on to Earth.

The idea that Earth is attacked and the council fleet doesn't respond within a week doesn't make much sense. I know that the Turian councillor doesn't like humans (or the theory about "Reapers") very much, but surely once word got out about an attack, or communication with Earth was lost, Anderson/Udina would have demanded action. But it would make sense if the various council fleets were unable to make it to Earth, or even knew that there was a problem there.

Another interesting idea: normal FTL communication works through the relays, right? But the Normandy is fitted with that special quantum entanglement comm terminal, so it's not reliant on the relays. Sure, you'd only be able to communicate with the Illusive Man, but it's a start, and who doesn't enjoy talking to him?

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Which would be a pretty effective way to lock the player out of the endgame scenario till its the appropriate time.
Yeah, they'll need something like that, otherwise I'd be thinking about the thousands of people that died on Earth because I chose to help an Asari stripper who is being stalked by an obsessed Hanar.

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^ Even if the species combined forces, to take out every reaper seems out of our hands with the current level of tech. I do wonder if the ME 2 ending of saving the station might help ? some powerful tech there after all.
I hope so, I'd hate to think that I handed the most advanced technology in the galaxy over to the Illusive Man without any benefit. All you guys that blew up the base will sure look stupid then.

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Maybe it won't be a device, it could be a person. The turian councillor perhaps. He could dismiss the Reapers with his air quotes.
I have two wishes for ME3:
1) I want to punch the Turian councillor.
2) I want to punch Khalisah Al-Jilani again.
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