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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Nice to see someone making a positive approach to Jimm. My compliments Robert.
In all candor I think I am doing nothing different than any fan who would get the chance to say something to him. I know you would the same in the same circumstances.

Unload is finished. I think the enormity of the demands of the production is sinking into John. You could see the concern and sinking in awareness settling in. I'll be pulling some pics from the move videos and the unload later on tonight.

scfib5st...monetary donations can be mailed to the following address. He is setting aside anything sent in to cover costs of maintaining this project. He's gonna need it.....alot of it....

Starship Ajax: Attention John Hughes
9913 South Ross Ave. Oklahoma City, Okla 73159
Release bad fan film, savage those not kissing your ass and singing praises. I see that and offer firm review to serve notice. Hates me in return and everyone follows that to preserve their standing by ass kissing them. Class act folks. Real gutless.

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