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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

I've just given this thread a somewhat thorough skimming, specifically looking for one answer, so please forgive if I missed it (and just point me to the right post#), but is there a "starting point" for the current "all-in" Trek novel-verse? The first few pages are great for pointing out where each of the series went and how they're related, but is there a basic list that says where the (fairly new) concept of tying the novels together started and in what basic order they go?

I've been kinda wanting to know for myself, and then recently on one of my other forums, someone was discussing which you prefer: the SW prequels, or the TNG films, and someone brought up how the current Trek novels are tied together and such, and of course somebody else asked "which" novels and I had no idea where to tell them to start.

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