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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

scifib5st hi,
All we have now is a facebook page with John's address as the place to send in donations for Ajax. No paypal setup as of yet. Special note...if Jimm and Josh ever decide to do any more Exeter with this set, donations to Ajax directly benefit Exeter....ONLY if Jimm decides to do more. Idea being that if Ajax shoulders the burden of the costs and logistics, it would be little or no cost or effort to Jimm and Studio Exeter. but that is his decision. I can only wave that tempting carrot so hard. If he is not in the mood or it is not appealing, then this question is a moot point.

I'm doing a everything from my end to coax that Rabbit out of it's hole.....
"If your writing is good enough, you don't need a Engine Room."- Vic Mignogna 2011 said to my face in response to Ajax commencing construction of their Engineering Room set.

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