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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Thanks for the strongly veiled supportive hints Tony ( Destiny Captain ). We're pretty wiped out after the trip. I didn't hardly have time to shoot photos of the move, but I shot tons of video of the entire move starting at Jimm's house in the morning all the way to John Hallidays' late after dark. WHen we unload the trucks this evening we will be shooting more video as we unload. Our first plan is to reassemble what remains of the bridge to do video updates to post later. I will have to get a video adapter kit to work with out antiquainted video camera since it's version of the plug in to USB I can't seem to find anywhere. So I will have to do a RCA composite capture to transfer the video. If I can talk the wife into spending $99 at an apple store for a video capture RCA kit I think we'll be in business to post the video online. If I push her hard enough I think I can make the purchase.

When Jimm and Joel met with us at Fuddrucker's Thursday evening, I did push the discussion of doing more Exeter. If you look at it as a bad sign omen that I didn't finish my 2/3 burger which is a first...then take it at face value. Jimm seems reluctant at this point. He has moved on with his life and I really think at the core of it all it would be the weight of another production being placed on his shoulders that I think that is the real thing making the whole idea problematic for him. However in the time since he and I have spoken on this a few times in the past couple of months how he has been expressing himself on this seems to be softening as we have made our thought known on this, and I may be premature to presume that that may be a sign of progress in him being pursuaded to do more Exeter. If he doesn't have to carry the weight of the entire production next time and was just an actor and showed up like everyone else and hit his marks and just acted as an actor, then it may be more palatable for him to do more. I hope so but I have been trying to not push the issue too hard with him and respect boundries. This whole thing is evolving so fast since day one I am having a hard time keeping pace with it all. I am having a Twilight Zone feeling with Jimm and Josh, in that before Jimm was the exighted one about doing Exeter and Josh was Blaze' it is Jimm that is blaze' on the idea and Josh and Mike Buford that are really interested in doing more. In fact in my phone conversations with Josh I would describe him as almost eager to do more Exeter. Holly from what I hear potentially may have no interest after moving on with her life after having children, and there is a strongly hinted to me possability that she may not be receptive to the idea if approached on it. I would hope not and would regret it if she come out on that note.I don't much to take in....I am reading really hard between the lines all on the stuff I've taken in in the firsthand discussions in the past 2 months. Going to a non moving crawl to fast pace is definately a peradine shift of contrasts.

All that pretty much remains of the Exeter sets is the bridge with is virtually intact...minus the view screen and the turbolift alcove tops, and the arches to the briefing room. The larger set pieces like the transporter console and the briefing room table are long either deteriorate or gone. The control panels on all of the bridge stations are packed in packing insulation and are immaculate and look brand new. The upper displays on the the outer bridge ring are dirty...paint peeling and have some broken seams and warping from being exposed outside in an open barn, heavy dings from being impacted when they were moved. Alot of sanding and heavy bondo will need to be done to refinish the surfaces. Half of the outer ring bridge consoles were stored at John Hallidays' and are immaculate, and the rest stored at Stan Ginsel's are in pretty rough shape. We have not decided to keep them or replace them outright, and that is a discussion that we will need to have in a soon upcoming production meeting. So we are planning on doing restoration first then begin construction for the story requirements of episode #1 of Ajax. But right now my focus is in starting to deal with restoring the bridge before anything else.

As for the Ajax project that may lay the foundation for any possible future Exeter in logistics....I wanted to first see if it went anywhere, and that we had what remained of the Exeter sets onhand before I went public outside of the Facebook page. Other than the video update to keep everyone up to speed as to where we are and what we are preoccupied with as it happens, I really intend to devote all our time in trying to pull everything together to make this work. This may not work out..we'll have to see how it all comes together and if I can pull together everything needed to pull this off. But I wanted to structure it to where it does successfully lay a foundations so that other groups can use the sets do do their films....especially Exeter. My goal is to set this up so that if Jimm and Josh want do more Exeter, all they do is show up and act and not have to worry about anything else....cause John Hughes and I will do our best to take care of the rest. Let's hope the Ajax donations facilitate that...cause John's wallet took a SEVERE hit this week doing all of this. In fact he spent more than he was planing on, and he needs to recoup first before proceeding on the next step in paying for the restoration work to the bridge set and the cost of any sets after that. After we load it up I turned to him and said..." got everything Jimm has left setwise from what?"

As far as Exeter is concerned....I want to see them do more, and i will do my best to coax the topic in a supportive way with Jimm and Josh, and offer all we can offer to them in support to make it happen. But that is the limit of what I can do on this, and I have no desire to push my luck on this. Trying to discuss it too much may potentially be a turn off to Jimm, and I on that note am walking VERY CAREFULLY whenever I have this discussion with him. But I think I may see little hints...but it may be nothing. I may be reading into it more than there actually is. I hope not.
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