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Re: Tropic Thunder Grading and Discussion - Spoilers.

Saw this last night and didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. It had the typical Ben Stiller brand of humor which I like and Tom Cruise did a fantastic job, but for whatever reason, the whole thing felt a bit empty and generic. Maybe it played better two years ago in the threatre. I don't know.

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Five actors you never expected to see in the same movie:

I'll give them credit for the all-star cast. This movie did what The Expendables failed to do.

Love Jack Black's lightning jacket by the way.

Actually, as much as I'm impressed that they put together such a cast, maybe that's part of the problem I have with the movie. It comes off as too much of a star vehicle. I know it's trying to make fun of that sort of thing, but still...

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While I think his character (and credit-dance) was pretty funny, Tom Cruise is still not cool.
The best scenes came from Tom Cruise, but that dance at the very end was just plain stupid.
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