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Re: Full story for Bryan Singer's planned SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel reve

Christopher wrote:
Yes, and I was unimpressed by him. I don't get why people make such a fuss over Spacey in general, and in particular I didn't find his Luthor all that interesting, in part because he was saddled with such an inadequate version of the character.
Spacey in general? The guy's a national treasure. American Beauty, Usual Suspects, LA Confidential, and the delightfully charming K-Pax? All meaningless?

I dunno about anybody else, but I liked his Luthor because of the mental instability and brutality he played him with, and the huge entertainment factor in every scene he was in.

I do feel there's a certain moral conservatism that bothers people about Superman Returns. Especially in Superman's context, where they might not care if it were another character. Or, maybe, more charitably, it's that some people feel that the insoluble family situation left at the end of SR betrays their assumption that all Superman stories should be unremittingly idealistic. In any event, I feel it is appropriate to point this out (and as glibly as possible), because it's not a criticism of the work. It's like saying you don't like Starry Night because you don't like the color blue--that's your bag, not van Gogh's.

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